A Day In China

Today was an “adventure” day, we got out and about and had our first go around of the homeschooling experience. First we got ready to go meet one of Kristin’s friends for lunch. The sushi was amazing, but the bathrooms threw me for a loop….I used my first squatty potty today. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but maybe I just have better aim than those who have told me about them. After our food settled we headed out to get a massage, which was AMAZING. I will definitely be seeing the masseuse more often. Yay for Chinese massage prices too, I payed $12 (Dad, I know you liked reading that). To top the day off we had our first chemistry lesson with Dean Joe. And although its the first day of “school”, we already have homework. On the bright side though, I’m the teacher’s pet. Sorry, Fashionista.


One thought on “A Day In China

  1. Love reading the blogs! As for the squatty potty – the brighter side is that they’re more sanitary, you don’t even come close to touching them! Keep up the diligent school work and we all look forward to hearing more from the “teenage invasion” duo. Love you all.
    Shannon aka daddy