A new menu for Pizza Hut in China

I was a little disappointed in the Pizza Hut in Shenyang for the last few weeks.

You see, they had this awesome cheese pizza.

In the States, I didn’t normally eat just plain cheese pizza, but it’s amazing how your taste buds change when you move to other side of the world. And when you go from lots of cheese in your diet to a very little, sometimes plain cheese is just what the doctor ordered. And you could always count on the Pizza Hut to load that thing down with cheese.

And then.

The dreaded “mei you”! (“Don’t have”)

For almost a month, I’ve been getting that same response. They even put a little sticker by the photo I usually point at, which I was able to roughly translate to “to cease to sell”. Only in China can you serve dozens of types of pizza, all with cheese on them, and yet not a plain cheese pizza. I resorted to ordering a Hawaiian, hold the ham and pineapple. That works but always takes a lot to convince the waitress. Pepperoni is not an option at the Shenyang Pizza Hut. But smoked salmon is, or shrimp, if you want to go that route.

So tonight… The waitress brought a new menu.
And I was anxious to see if my beloved had made the cut.

But before I could get there, I was stopped by a few NEW menu items.
Items I was really hoping didn’t replace my cheese pizza.


I always wondered where to get that. Never thought of Pizza Hut. Wonder why?

And check that out… just what I was looking for on my Pizza Hut menu.

Octopus and quail egg!

Wonder how it would go over if I get back to the US, sit down at the Hut and say, “I’ll have the octopus with quail egg on a stick please.”

“And don’t forget to braid the tentacles.”

Thankfully, I didn’t have to resort to either of those dishes for dinner because the cheese pizza did make the cut and is back on the menu!


4 thoughts on “A new menu for Pizza Hut in China

  1. Have you had “I love New York” Pizza or gone up to the Green Mile for pizza? Both are about the same and both will deliver. The Wal-Mart on the south side of the river has an I<3 NY there. Both are the best we have had since being here. We go to GM and have I <3 NY delivered. I personally miss Mazzio's Pizza. (sigh) Oh for my 6 weeks at home this summer!!

    I have been sick everytime we have pizza hut pizza here and well, it's not really big enough for a family of 4 so I'd been getting the stuffed Salmon dish. I hope it made the new Menu cut!

  2. I just got back to the US after living in Shenyang for nearly a month.
    I was surprised that Pizza Hut is such an upscale restaurant in China- they even have a wine list. The Christmas tree and waitresses in Santa suits were a nice touch also. But pepperoni pizza is definately on the menu now.