Xiao Dong and a Monkey

We got out and about again today. We went to Xiao Dong to shop for school supplies. I have never seen so many notebooks in my life. This place was Staples or Office Depot times 10000000. After making our final decisions on notebooks and sketchbooks, we went upstairs to the toy floor.

After walking around for a little bit we came across this one booth (the guy in the picture). He was shouting at us, in Mandarin of course, but he was trying desperately to get our attention. Once we turned around he started playing with the monkey (also in the picture). We stood there for a second looking at him playing with it. He then proceeded to try to get us to come play with the monkey.

Either he was extremely bored, wanted to play with the white girls, or was desperately trying to sell something. Whatever his motive, the monkey wasn’t helping him. I, personally, was creeped out. Needless to say, Kensley and I walked off. Monkeyless.



A Day In China

Today was an “adventure” day, we got out and about and had our first go around of the homeschooling experience. First we got ready to go meet one of Kristin’s friends for lunch. The sushi was amazing, but the bathrooms threw me for a loop….I used my first squatty potty today. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but maybe I just have better aim than those who have told me about them. After our food settled we headed out to get a massage, which was AMAZING. I will definitely be seeing the masseuse more often. Yay for Chinese massage prices too, I payed $12 (Dad, I know you liked reading that). To top the day off we had our first chemistry lesson with Dean Joe. And although its the first day of “school”, we already have homework. On the bright side though, I’m the teacher’s pet. Sorry, Fashionista.


China, here we come!


We’re FINALLY in China! After the 14 hour flight (and 30 hours of total travel time) I have never been happier to walk on land!

While we were waiting for our flight to Shenyang, we lay down on the benches to take a nap. A little while later a bright flash woke me up. I looked up to see a Chinese man standing there with his iPad facing towards us. Needless to say, after he saw me wake up he quickly walked away. However he now has a picture of the sleeping “waiguoren” (foreigners) to show all of his friends. 20130110-025117.jpg