This is what awesome looks like

So we made it back to China just about a week ago and are now re-settling in. As you probably noticed we didn’t get much time to blog during the holidays when Country Fried was back in the US. That said, things should start to pick up around here again.

In fact, we hadn’t even made it out of Detroit when our trip home got interesting. We had both just finished boarding and were sitting on the exit row on the Detroit-Tokyo flight (Delta seat requests rock!) and getting ready to get some serious reading done. All of a sudden I hear a kid (about 5 years old) screaming at the top of his lungs, “Mom!!! Mom!!! Come quick!”. I look over and completely go into panic mode as he is walking down the aisle and pointing directly at me. He continues yelling without giving any indication of what is going on. Things like “You have to come here!” and “Mom, this is important”…

Now, I was pretty sure that a lot of people could have seen that I was sitting in the seat minding my own business. However, I still wasn’t looking forward to explaining whatever the cause of this situation was to an air marshal as quite a lot of heads were starting to turn our way to see what the fuss was about.

Whoever the kid’s mom was (we never saw her), she wasn’t very worried and the kid apparently gave up on her coming over. So he decided to explain to her (and the rest of the flight) what the problem was.

“Mom! I told you to look! It’s ANGRY BIIIIIRRRRDDDSSSS!!!!!”

And then he sighed and turned to walk the rest of the way to his seat without saying anything else.

After cracking up, Country Fried and I decided we were probably in the clear if any of the air marshals came by.

And back to China we go!