Flying with the Gibbons

Another excursion we did on our trip to Thailand was the Flight of the Gibbons! It’s a ziplining tour of the jungle an hour and a half outside Bangkok. And it was a blast!

They have 2 meeting points in Bangkok. It’s a good idea to book in advance, quite easy through their website. You don’t need to pay in advance. Actually, they don’t take credit or debit cards so you should plan to have cash enough to pay for your tour (and a tip if you’re inclined). It costs 3299 baht per person (approx $100US). That includes the transport to Chonburi, several hours of ziplining through the jungle, lunch (which was pretty good), and time to tour the zoo and feed some animals at the base of the jungle.

This was our group. Us, a couple from Australia (yes, that guy is as huge in person as he looks in the photo.) and several Russian girls. We also had two guides to clip us in and shout instructions. (“Feet up!”) The other is taking the photo. They spoke enough English to get by and also a little Russian. I was impressed.

See that girl in the purple?

The poor thing was petrified of heights. She spent the whole 3 hours physically shaking. And glued to the side of the tree.

And she screamed. A lot.

I felt kind of bad for her, but I’m not going to lie, it was entertaining. I’m not sure what convinced her to pay to go on a tour where you fly several hundred feet above the ground hanging from a little pulley if she was that afraid of heights, but she must have really liked her friends. Or been very susceptible to peer pressure.

Normally, when doing this sort of thing in Asia I’d be a little leery about safety (Especially if it were in China) but I have to say, this place was top notch. The guides were very conscious of the guidelines and EVERYONE had a safety line at all times, even the guides themselves. And I was thankful. We were VERY high. (They did make a joke at one point about the pulleys being made in China. I thought the poor girl was going to cry. literally. It was only a joke though, they’re really made in France.)

My only disappointment was that I kind of expected to see some gibbons or monkeys during the ziplining. You know, since it’s called flying “with” the gibbons. Turns out that’s not really the case. You do see gibbons and monkeys (in the zoo) and you do go flying through the jungle. Just not at the same time.

Although now that I think about it, is probably a good thing. I hear gibbons are mean.

By the way, have you ever seen a gibbon? Looks like a monkey. BUT Monkey – tail. Gibbon – no tail. I’m sure there are other differences, but that’s the easiest way to tell them apart.

These are gibbons.

After ziplining, you head back down the mountain to have lunch, and to check out the zoo!

That’s our driver feeding a monkey part of his slushy.

Guess he missed the memo. Or maybe that one isn’t classified as a “wild” monkey.

Just don’t miss this memo. You will fall in. And that rhino looks angry.

And yes, that’s a baby. feeding an elephant. Can you get any cuter?

Here’s a little clip from the last repel down from the treetops.

Yes, I did admit to bumping into that tree. No, it’s not the same as a moped. Thank you very much.

Our guide took this with our camera and a leaf! He pinched a little heart in it and then shot through the hole. So cool!

Check out Flight of the Gibbons if you make it to Thailand. Definitely a cool experience you won’t forget!