Just another reason I’m jealous of Beijing

Because for 1. They have international restaurants. Hundreds. All types of food. Even Mexican.

In Shenyang, we may have 10 (if you don’t count McD’s, KFC, or Pizza Hut). Now, don’t get me wrong, I like Chinese food. It’s good stuff (if you know what to order). I just don’t want it everyday. I need burgers in my life. And tacos.

And for 2. Because some genius started this website… jinshisong.com


They have over 100 restaurants. That wouldn’t normally deliver. They set up the menus online (usually not the full menus, just the stuff easy to deliver), they place your order, and then… bring it to you. at home.

It’s genius, I tell you. Think of all your favorite restaurants. Then think how awesome it would be if you could eat that without even leaving the house. Awesomeness. No matter where in the world you are. Especially for hermits like me.

(Ok, so not really me, I like to go. But LB definitely would be a hermit if I let him. And even I like to hole up during Shenyang winters. Although, honestly, I’d probably no longer be able to leave my house I’d be so fat if this service was available to me.)

Why don’t we have this in Shenyang? Anybody out there? Will you please build this? You will have customers. Many customers. (Although, you may need to build a few more Western restaurants while you’re at it. I vote Mexican food!)

Jinshisong even delivers Kro’s Nest Pizza! Have you been there? The next time you’re in Beijing, you absolutely must! It is a top notch pizza joint. Some of the best I’ve ever eaten. in my life. (Confession: I was in Beijing last week with some girlfriends and we ate there 3 times. in one week. It’s good stuff, I tell you. But it really deserves a post all its own.)

So if you live in Beijing, you should definitely take advantage of this service. Because fo’ real, I’m jealous.

If you’re not in Beijing, sorry I just made you jealous too.


4 thoughts on “Just another reason I’m jealous of Beijing

  1. We have those great delivery services here in Bangkok too, I love them! Who wants to go out for dinner when it is pouring down rain? We also have the (almost) full gamut of international restaurants. Sadly, all the Mexican places are a pale shadow of the Mexican you can get in Mexico or even in the States. Nowadays if we want Mexican I have to make it myself. Glad you got a chance to head off to Beijing though and eat some of the foods you’ve been missing!

  2. Yes, they have 2 competing services like this in Shanghai. Amazing idea, isn’t it?
    Many less ex-pats of Chinese locals who want Western food in Nanjing….so we just dream and send up a flare whenever a new “Western” restaurant opens.

    Can’t wait fo Burgers/Mexican/TexMex/Lebanese food when we get home to Detroit! Counting the days until a visit!

  3. I didnt get jealous at all from reading this but very hungry lol, i think ill go eat and make myself some HEALTHY lunch haha, have a great day.

  4. I have a love/hate relationship with this blog…on one hand I want to discover all the things I’ve been missing…on the other I don’t want to discover all of the things I have been missing. :)