This is what awesome looks like

So we made it back to China just about a week ago and are now re-settling in. As you probably noticed we didn’t get much time to blog during the holidays when Country Fried was back in the US. That said, things should start to pick up around here again.

In fact, we hadn’t even made it out of Detroit when our trip home got interesting. We had both just finished boarding and were sitting on the exit row on the Detroit-Tokyo flight (Delta seat requests rock!) and getting ready to get some serious reading done. All of a sudden I hear a kid (about 5 years old) screaming at the top of his lungs, “Mom!!! Mom!!! Come quick!”. I look over and completely go into panic mode as he is walking down the aisle and pointing directly at me. He continues yelling without giving any indication of what is going on. Things like “You have to come here!” and “Mom, this is important”…

Now, I was pretty sure that a lot of people could have seen that I was sitting in the seat minding my own business. However, I still wasn’t looking forward to explaining whatever the cause of this situation was to an air marshal as quite a lot of heads were starting to turn our way to see what the fuss was about.
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Mini vacation in Sanya

We just got back from our first bit of traveling in a while. We missed out on traveling for Golden Week because of work so we planned a long weekend to somewhere warm. 20111101-223852.jpg

And it was amazing!

It wasn’t supposed to be “sightseeing” trip where we go and do and see as much as possible. This was a stay and sit and do nothing kind of vacation.

And that’s exactly what we did.

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Hugs: the universal language

During our weekend trip to Korea, we went to the Lotte World Amusement park to have a little fun. We were there with another couple who are also expats in Shenyang, but come from the amazing land of South Africa (you’re welcome, C). The weather was nice and they had some cool rides so it was good day.

But the BEST part, was when we saw this couple with a set of matching shirts on…

Matching shirts in South Korea

Couples shirts are very popular in Asia. It’s especially funny to us Westerners who would get made fun of just for wearing the same color. Much less, for wearing shirts that are the same color, with similar designs and that say things like… “I’m with her”. Continue reading


Traveling in China: Where we’ve stayed

Here is a list of hotels we’ve stayed in and what I thought about them. Like I mentioned, I’m not really picky about my hotel, so long as it has a bed and it’s clean. If you are and even if you’re not, I would suggest you do further research beyond my short little reviews. We’ve been happy with all of these, but I’m not really one to notice if the curtains are from 1989. If you care about that kind of thing, I’m sorry, and I reserve the right to make fun of you.


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Traveling in China: Where to Stay

A step by step guide for picking a hotel when you travel in China. If you’re one of those Type-A planner people, you already know all this stuff instinctively. Just skip it. If not, hopefully you’ll find a tidbit you can use in this longest blog post in the history of blogs…

Once you have figured out how you’re going to get there, it’s time to figure out where you’re going to sleep. I usually spend the most time researching hotel options when I’m planning a trip because a good or bad night’s sleep can really make or break your vacation time.

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South Korea for the weekend

We interrupt your regularly scheduled (well… kinda) post series to bring you this update.

We have arrived and fallen in love with Seoul, South Korea.

Vacation in Seoul

The people are beautiful, polite, and welcoming.

English speakers are easy to find, and eager to help.

The city is clean and beautiful.

Coffee is plentiful.

Trip to South Korea

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