China Text-e-marketing

As I’ve mentioned before, there are often times that I really wish I could read Chinese.

In China, the phone company sends out advertisements via text message. It’s a little annoying as I get several of these a day. And I can’t read them at all, obviously.

But recently I’ve made a game out of it…


What do you think a fortune telling doggie could be advertising?

Here is an example…


Sometimes I pop it into Google Translate app to see what it says. Usually it’s such Chinglish I still can’t understand.

Here’s another one:


This one makes a little more sense. A group playing a game of mahjong. A favorite pastime of many Chinese people.

But this one…


A matchbox car?

Or this…


A new kind of restaurant? I think I’ll pass, thank you very much.

What do you think it’s advertising?

If you can read Chinese and would like to enlighten us, I’d be very interested in what this is trying to illustrate.


2 thoughts on “China Text-e-marketing

  1. 1,doggie
    There is a figure standing against the death area, the area is full filled by the corpse monsters, He is Van Pershing who is the loyal hunter to the discouraged.
    is a typical American corpse hunting game.
    every body has a friend who likes playing mahjong very much. when you see the picture who do you think about?
    3. Mini/charming vintage cars
    4. have a drink over the cloud sea, dare you?

  2. it’s more likely one of those “daily smile” emails that you accidentally got signed up for. the photos have the title “your daily look” and the subtitles are kinda amusing, so that’s what i’m thinking…