Day one and two in Beijing

We rode the overnight train to Beijing. We arrived in Beijing early and headed for our hotel. We ate breakfast and then went to the pearl market. After lunch we headed to the silk market. Shopping all day had me out of it. CFER gave me some money and said,”wheres your wallet? put this in different places.” I proceeded to put the money in different parts of my wallet. We all got a kick out of my blonde moment.

That night we took little carts to go get supper. Mother Mary and I piled in and got going. Our driver was insane. First he about ran over an old women, and then stopped to fuss with her. Next he scraped the side of a trash can. Then he drove right into the middle of the busy road almost running into a car or moped or hitting someone several times. I’m very thankful to be alive.

Day two was our journey to the Great Wall. We got up early and headed that way. We took a cable car up to the wall. We walked and climbed all day long. My legs have never been so tired. We all agreed if we walked the wall two or three times a week we would have amazing legs. To get down from the wall we tobogganed. That was fun. I don’t think I’ve ever been as tired as I was after the wall, but it was such an AMAZING experience.



2 thoughts on “Day one and two in Beijing

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