Earthquakes, Sweet Potatoes, and Taxi Rides

On Wednesday we experienced our first major earthquake.

I was at the table eating. CFER and Fashionista were on the computer when everything started shaking. As I look up and ask “do y’all feel that?” CFER is already in an ‘about to take off’ stance. She was getting ready to grab her jacket and run out the door.

Being on the eleventh floor we could feel the building swaying. This really scared me because CFER had already told me about Chinese construction….apparently they build fast and carelessly.

Thursday was full of sweet potatoes. There is a street vendor who sells slow roasted sweet potatoes (which are amazing), so when I finally woke up I bundled up and headed down to get me one. I ended up getting two and eating them both, one for brunch and one for a snack.

Fashionista and I were home alone most of the day, but when CFER (who also loves the sweet potatoes) got home, she walked in with a bag of TEN sweet potatoes. (CFER here: I intended to have 4. A little miscommunication with the street vendor on that one. Didn’t have the heart to make him put them back. )

Needless to say I was happy and I’m going to be having sweet potatoes for every meal. (Fun fact: their sweet potatoes here are yellow.)

Today we went out to get some last minute things for our trip to Harbin. On the way home we grabbed a taxi. We stopped at a red light and a girl was going down the road handing flyers to the drivers. When the girl gave our driver the paper, he didn’t even look at it. He threw it back out the window onto the ground.

Either I was the only one to see him do this or I was incredibly tired, because I found this hilarious. Our driver didn’t think anyone had saw him. When I started laughing, the driver gave me the eye in the rearveiw mirror and once I told everyone what I was laughing at they laughed too.




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