Saying Farewell

Obviously, I left this place hanging a little. I put off writing this for months. Not really sure why. I think it was because I didn’t really want to admit that it was time to say goodbye. That our time here was REALLY “over”. China was home my home away from home. Always different, always strange, but home, nonetheless. I am one of those who wants to bury my head in the sand anytime change is coming and that is what I did during this move. I took it as it came, little step by little step got me back to the US. I purposely never took time to think about what was really happening.

Sometimes it feels like it was all a dream. And sometimes it feels like I’m just waiting out an extended vacation before I get on a plane and fly back to China. But I’m not. At least not for a very long time. That chapter has closed for now.

And it’s time for a new chapter. Ready or not. Lots of times in the last few months, I have felt the “not”.

I do not plan to abandon this blog. There are many stories and photos and reflections that did not make it here when they happened. It all happened so fast.

And yet, I think the thing I have struggled with the most is the pace of life back here in America. Everyone has so much to do! And you are expected to accomplish 10 things in a day. Grocery store, bank, post office, lunch with friends, shopping, cooking, and laundry. In China, it’s an accomplishment to check off one, and a rockin’ awesome day to knock out two! But all those things that should be so easy, are somehow so overwhelming.

Grocery stores are huge, and everything is wrapped in plastic, or metal, or cardboard. (yuk!) And it’s hard to explain to someone who has always done it this way why it’s now hard for me. I did it for years. It’s “normal”, right? Nothing changed here. (Except the prices! Holy cow, inflation!)

Nothing changed but me.


8 thoughts on “Saying Farewell

  1. Welcome back. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts even though my trip to China never materialized it was fun seeing it through your eyes. Always liked your writing style. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Oh my gosh…can I copy and paste your blog? This is exactly how I am feeling and we have just 6 months left in China. My blog has sat…I thought it was just writers block…but I was never good at goodbyes and winding things down. I feel your sorrow, I really do. I have spent the past 6 weeks in the USA and agree that the prices have skyrocketed in 2.5 years. You are so right about the number of tasks expected to complete in the USA compared to the reality of what I could complete in China. My example is having a dinner party on Friday in China….beginning my shopping on Monday and continuing throughout the week.i know YOU get that….but others are perplexed by the example. I hope your puppy is a snuggly one…cos I’d wrap my arms around you if I could, Kristin….Carol in Nanjing

  3. Hello Country fried! I’m sorry we didn’t have a chance to meet…I’m still here in Shenyang, China (since 2010) and not sure how much longer. If you want to keep up with things, feel free to look at my blog at-
    We are not 20 something’s…but having some of the same challenges you all did! My blog is. It nearly as nice as yours…great job! Welcome back to the US…I don’t look forward to the inflation in prices!