First day out!

Today was the first day Carolina China Doll and I went out into the city. (With CFER of course). We got the feel of how it is to walk everywhere. Which we don’t mind much, it gives us more to look at. 20130112-194607.jpg

When we got to the mall they had so many clothes. Y’all should know we were ready to spend! We ended up buying a few things we couldn’t resist. We even bought matching scarves.


At about 11 am it started to snow. They say its a warm day in Shenyang if it snows, but I was too excited about the snow to even worry about how cold it was. We met a new family that moved here through Michelin and they had a really sweet daughter who was sixteen so hopefully we’ll get to do a few things with her.

Today was also the first day to eat real Chinese food. It was so good. You should also know that we aren’t shy about eating new things.


At 6 pm we got back to the apartment and by 8, we were both in bed. You can tell we had a productive day and were beyond pooped (and jet lagged).

Here are a few more snapshots of our day.








2 thoughts on “First day out!

  1. Hi Fashionista. I loved your first blog and I’m glad you and CCD found a new expat friend. We’re all proud of you and thanks for sharing your trip. Don’t forget about the
    home schooling and give us a progress report on that. Thanks.