Frigidly Cold

Realization #1: Our friends have a weather channel television in the elevator.

Realization #2: The weather channel changes between English and Chinese so we can actually read it!

Realization #3: It’s really cold here.

Realization #4: Whoever translated the weather descriptions into English may take my title as the Human Thesaurus.


In case you can’t make it out, our weather choices for the next four days are:

1) Sunny, but very cold
2) Frigid with bright sunshine
3) Sunny and bitterly cold
4) Partly sunny and frigid

And the total difference is a maximum of 4 degrees. Winter in Shenyang…


2 thoughts on “Frigidly Cold

  1. Hmmm…we are the exact opposite here, and am not really sure, which one I would prefer. It would be very nice to sleep at night, without being extremely hot or having to get up and stand under an airconditioner to get cool!!!! Brazil is not all beaches and swimming pools!!!

    • Actually I still have to run the the AC in our apartment at night because the city heat/radiators are so warm I can’t sleep. I guess I have the best of both worlds. ;) Although, I think I’d choose Shenyang climate over blazing hot all the time. Just add more layers… that’s my motto. I have no problem looking like the Michelin man.