What we do for fun in China

We go bowling!

There is a bowling alley in Shenyang. Just beside the Jindu Hotel. (This card is in the BMW Taxi Guide.)

You’ll have to ask the taxi driver for the hotel. Most know where the hotel is even if they’ve never heard of the bowling alley. Then just look for the neon lights next door and go down the escalators to the basement. And there’s the alley. Just like you’d find in the US.

We like to play girls vs. boys.

(Notice the shoes are just as attractive as they are in the US.)

It’ s a good way to do things, ya know.

Less fighting. More trash talking.

The girls smoked the guys the first round.

But they came back in the second to tie it up, 1 to 1.

It’s a lot of fun!

And you sure can’t beat hours of fun for $5 a person!