Got our one way tickets…

On a westbound plane… headed Far East. So weird. Fly west to get east.
Moving to China

Our first big hurdle on our journey happened before we even entered the Greenville airport.  We unloaded all of our luggage onto the sidewalk by the Delta entrance.  We had 6 large bags of luggage, 2 carry-ons, plus 2 laptop bags. The Baggage Check desk couldn’t have been more than 30 yards away.  It was right through the front doors.  It may as well have been a mile.

How do you carry 10 pieces of luggage with only 4 arms (between the two of us)?  Well, being the smart person I am, I thought ahead enough to buy a luggage strap for each of us.  I know, I’m genius.

So I get started right away strapping my luggage together.  I had 3 checked bags plus my carry-on, but they all had wheels, so I’m good. Right?  Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’m good.

I might also add that we pulled up right by two maintenance men who were diligently blowing away all the leaves on the sidewalk.  It was very important that they clear away the WHOLE sidewalk. There was, of course, no way they could move on to the rest of the 100 yards of sidewalk until they were able blow the few feet under our suitcases and make certain it was also cleared of all debris.  Yes, it was very important that they stand and stare until all the luggage was moved and that 6 feet sidewalk was also clean.  No, they couldn’t move on until it was done. Apparently.

I ignored them.  It’s what I do.  I’m very good at it.  Besides, I was way too busy trying to strap my suitcases together.

I had just gotten them all lined up in descending order when “someone” felt the need to interrupt my thought process.

My husband. aka. “the left brain”:  “That isn’t going to work.”
Me:  “You just don’t worry about my stuff… get your own stuff!”

About 4 seconds later…
Left Brain: “That isn’t going to work.”
Me: “Seriously?? Just leave me alone.”

Another 2.5 seconds goes by…
Left Brain: “That isn’t going to work.”
Me:  “What are you doing over there?  Don’t you have 3 bags of your own to worry about?!?”

(Let me interject here that he isn’t in any way trying to get his own bags. They are still sitting on the sidewalk in a pile while he is standing there with his hands on his hips staring at me, just like the 2 dudes with leaf blowers.)

I finally got the 3 bags strapped together and was feeling mighty proud of myself.  I made it a whole 6.5 inches toward the door before 2 of the 3 bags fell over.  Seriously, what in the world are those stupid luggage straps for anyway??  Why didn’t someone tell me those things don’t work?!  At all.

LB: “Just wait here while I take these inside.”
Me: “Yeah, I didn’t think this dumb thing was gonna work.”

So we managed to caravan our 10 bags to the luggage desk, while leaving my sis who dropped us off, along with the 2 leaf blowers, to watch over the bags on the curb.  It really only took a couple minutes.  Way faster than trying to strap it all together and carry it all at once.  Don’t you dare tell him I said that.  I’ll deny it completely. Forever.

Once we got the bags checked, the flight was very thankfully very uneventful.  Or maybe it was, I wouldn’t know.  I slept the whole way.  From before take-off to after landing.  Except for about 5 hours on the flight from Detroit to Seoul.  I watched 2 movies.  The new Karate Kid included.  I wanted to know what I was getting myself into.  =)  So far I haven’t met anyone who has tried to Kung Fu me.  Thankfully.  Maybe that only happens in Beijing.

Bags bound for China

The only other funny thing that happened was AFTER we picked up the 10 pieces luggage in Shenyang.  The company had sent a driver to pick us from the airport and drop us off at the hotel.  You should have seen his face when he took a look at the 2 full luggage carts.  When we got to the car, we understood why he laughed so nervously.  That much luggage doesn’t fit well into a BMW328, but we managed. Somehow. Mostly because I folded up into half of 1 seat in the back.

I still can’t believe we have MOVED to China.  Completely surreal.


4 thoughts on “Got our one way tickets…

  1. I just finally read all of your posts to date (10/17) and love hearing about your experiences! So glad you watched the newest Karate Kid movie, because I thought of that movie when I first heard of your pending move. I think you need to see “Eat, Pray, Love” as well, if you’ve not yet, just because some of your posts remind me of that movie… namely your hanging out with (and picking up phrases and such from) Brits. LOL

    Keep ‘em coming, girl!

    • So glad you like it. It is definitely an adventure! Haven’t seen the Eat, Pray Love yet but I’ll see if I can find it. =)