-15F say what?! Days in Harbin

This weekend we went to Harbin to go see the Ice Festival and ice sculptures. Talk about cold, it was around -15 degrees F. I am so thankful for hand warmers. They are my hero.

We left the house for the train station at the butt crack of dawn (6:30 am). It was my first train ride and the train was really nice. I like it a lot better than riding an airplane.

After three hours on the train, we finally made it to Harbin! Harbin is such a gorgeous city. When we first got there, we walked down a shopping street.




Then after looking at all the stores, we tried looking for a bathroom. Literally took us an hour just to find one. After we finally found one, it was time to go to the ice festival!




Also look what I found… USA flag!!


How cute is this? Angry birds! People were dressed up in pig and bird costumes. They were also playing a racing game. I’m guessing the birds against the pigs. It was pretty funny because not only were they racing to be in first, but they were running on ice.

We didn’t just look at ice sculptures, we also went snow tubing, sliding on slides made of ice, and dancing. Surprisingly none of us busted our butts. I was proud. But I’m pretty sure we all came close to falling at least twice.

After having fun looking at all the ice sculptures, we left to go to the hotel. We were all so tired, freezing, and hungry. Pretty sure more hungry than anything. We ordered in but literally had to call 4 places because everyone was closed. Finally we called KFC and they came to the rescue.

The next day, after checking out of the hotel, we had to get coffee before we did anything else. We went to a cute little café and had breakfast. After we ate, we went to look at the snow sculptures.





I also made my own snow sculpture :-)


We got to eat in this building made of snow and surprisingly it wasn’t cold inside. It was a nice place to warm up. At the end of the day we started to leave for the train station to head home. It’s crazy how we did so much in the span of just two days. It definitely feels like we were there for more. So we said our good byes and left for good ol’ Shenyang.


I would also like to send a big shout out to my Pappy for sponsoring us on this trip! It was probably one of the most fun vacations ever. Thanks a lot!!


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