How to take a hot bath in China

1. Find the largest pot you have. If you have 2 or 3 large pots it works even better.
2. Fill the pots with water and place them on the stove.
3. Turn the burner on high.
4. Heat the water until you start to see bubbles.
5. Using potholders (or folded up dishrags if like me you still don’t have potholders), carry the pots of water one by one into the bathroom.
6. Dump the hot water into the tub.
7. Repeat steps 1-6 until you have enough water in the tub to bathe with. Turn on the faucet to add cool water if the water is too hot.


Send an email to the realtor to get it fixed: (see below)

Hi. Just wanted to let you know we are having a problem with the hot water in the showers. Neither get hotter than luke warm. Definitely not hot enough to take a comfortable shower. The water in the kitchen sink gets quite hot, just not the bathrooms. Can we get this fixed soon?

Thank you.

The Response:

I just contacted with the management company and the staff told me the problem has existed about year.
After the management company transformed the pipe system in Wulihe Plaza.
And the problem extensively exist in the Wulihe Plaza.

Before the management company transform the pipe system again the problem can’t be solved completely.
But there is a temporary solution is before you do the shower please call the management company 2388****, they will send a worker to make the water warmer.

Hope that will help you.

Smack forehead with palm.

Really? You just want me to call you before I want to take a shower? Every day?

And wait? This is the solution for the WHOLE building? 24 floors of apartments.
Is there a guy whose sole job is to come heat up the water every time anyone wants to take a hot shower? There has to be. And how does he do it?

(LB is convinced that they send someone up with a blowtorch to heat up the pipes. I think we’re going to call them up, just to see how they do it. )

And when that doesn’t work: Refer to steps 1-7 above.

If you want to take a hot shower…

well, tough luck.


8 thoughts on “How to take a hot bath in China

  1. And how much longer do you have to stay in China?
    One of the exchange students from China that is also going to school with Toby and Allie says that she only takes a bath on Wednesdays when in China. I think she is talking about when she lives at the boarding school. Now we know why. . . IT TAKES TOO MUCH WORK TO ACTUALLY GET A HOT BATH.

  2. maybe I can send you a commercial steam kettle – think that it will pass through customs? Jon can get a good rate through Schilleter Dining. LOL! Sorry to hear about that challenge – but you are welcome to our jacuzzi tub anytime :) when you get back. HA! MISS YOU TONS.

  3. Did you hear it?

    It sounds like someone is going to get used to taking a much colder shower.

    Ahhh…the simple pleasures in life.

  4. K, so happy to read your latest on taking a hot bath….Honey, when I was growing up we had to heat water for a bath the same way….the only difference, we had to draw the water from the well, I’ll bet your grandma had the same experience… have a wonderful time, what a great adventure for 2 young folks………….luv mm

  5. Thank GOD our land lord put in a real, like american hot water heater for us!!
    Bless his American soul for telling his Chinese we we had to have it with 2 kids!

  6. We actually had to do this (step 1-6) to have a hot bath when we lived in Delhi. My husband, sweetie that he is, did it for me every night during winter. The big advantage was that winter only lasted 6 weeks. Still a lot of pots to heat! :)