Halong Bay

Day two in Vietnam we headed for the junk (the boat). It was a three hour ride there so we had a lot of time to see the scenery. Literally what we saw was rice paddy after rice paddy. There are rice paddies every way you turn.

On the way we also saw a funeral ceremony. It was a big group of people marching down the street. Some played Instruments. Some carried a float with a fruit bowl and incense. And some others carried the casket. One group of people had a burgundy robes and another group all had white head bands on. That was an experience, getting to compare funerals back home to that one.

We finally arrived at the boat and it was amazing. The view, the food, the company, and the staff were all great.

The first night fashionista and I went squid fishing. That was fun. We fished off if the lower deck after supper. I caught one squid and two jellyfish.

We met a lot of people too. We met a couple from Texas, we met another couple from Tennessee, a family from San Francisco, two friends from Norway, and a couple from Australia. One couple even knew one of Left Brain’s Clemson professors. Meeting and talking to people like that you realize how small the world really is.

I did not want to leave the cruise. It was great. I learned knew tricks, how to make spring rolls, how not to fall out of a kayak, I met knew people, walked in the vietnamese rainforest, went squid fishing, and got to see how others live.

It’s amazing how much you can learn and experience in just three days.




One thought on “Halong Bay

  1. When my wife and I did a 40 days bike tour in Vietnam , we didn’t spend much time up North. Reading what you experiencing make me wish we did. Enjoy!