Naptime at Ikea in China

The following set of photos are what I used to call “pocketcam” moments. That was before I lived in China long enough to lose all shame about pulling out my camera and snapping a photo whenever and of whoever I feel like. It’s happened to me so many times at this point that I’ve lost all of the need to be discreet.

Actually, in the taxi on the way to Ikea this very day we had a group of Chinese men yelling at us from the car next to us at a redlight. Two had their phones out snapping photos. I waved. All you need is a white face and light colored hair to have paparazzi in China.

And so, I don’t feel bad at all anymore for walking right up and snapping a photo when I see things like this.

At first glance this just looks like a nice couple enjoying some time together, right?

But back it up a little…


Yep, that’s an Ikea display. In the middle of the Shenyang Ikea Store.

I dubbed this photo… “Date night”. Looks cozy, huh? And cheap. Maybe we need to try this sometime.

On second thought, maybe not.


I think this fellow was trying out his tv watching pose. I still don’t know what he was looking at though.

And what do you do if you’re out shopping and nap time for your kid rolls around?

Find an empty bed, of course!


Looks like it was naptime for more than just the kids.


Finally, we decided if you can’t figure it out why they do the things they do, just join them!

Mmm. Comfy!

On another note… this was part of the “as-is” scratch & dent section.


How do you lose this item of clothing? Looks like somebody was having too much fun on date night.


3 thoughts on “Naptime at Ikea in China

  1. Haha, great! I’ve seen them doing this too.
    I’ve seen people sleeping on the massage chairs at Walmart as well :)

    I found your website looking for things to do in Shenyang. Me and my boyfriend moved here not too long ago and are still newbies. ;)
    I liked your google map, seems like you’ve found a lot of great places!

  2. No surprise to you, I’m sure Kristin, but this happens in Nanjing, as well. The lunchroom is a hangout for the elderly knitters looking for warmth. We also always end up next to a couple where the woman/girl is lambasting her man/boyfriend up one side and down another as he just sits there and TAKES it! Makes it hard to digest the stir-fried IKEA meatballs. :o )

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