It’s the same… but different.

A couple of days I stumbled upon this box of cookies at Carrefour, I had to pick them up.

I could tell from the packaging that they were a little taste of home. Chips Ahoy! And even better, the chewy kind. my favorite.

Now I don’t normally buy a lot of cookies or junk food. Not because I have anything against it, it just usually ends up cluttering up our pantry for months because we don’t really eat it. But in this case, I wanted a little taste of home.

So I bought them.

I was very impressed because they were only a few kuai. Less than 1 US dollar. Not usually the case with imported foods.

After dinner that night, I pulled out my box of cookies. It was a box. Not the same as the plastic trays with the crackly wrapping like in the US. And a little smaller.

And when I pulled out the little tray, I was a little surprised.

Not because the cookies were different. Thankfully they were exactly what I expected. This time. (That isn’t always the case. I bought a similar package before and was surprised to find that instead of chocolate chips, they were filled with blueberries.)

I was surprised because that whole box only contained 6 cookies.

The hubby never did find out I bought chips ahoy cookies. Six just isn’t enough to share. At least in my book. Btw, this is the OTHER reason I don’t buy junk food.


3 thoughts on “It’s the same… but different.

  1. LOL, You make me smile, you can get these in bigger packages but for a family of 2 this is perfect size. WE got th enormal ones but more often ge tthe ones with raisens and the kids and I love the ones with chocolate and ORANGE chips in them. They are almost as yummy as the Ritz crackers with the lemon frosting in the middle!

  2. hahaha! We found chips ahoy on our first day here and I had the same surprise. It was a big box, but once opened it had 3 smaller boxes, each with 6 cookies. Our first hotel meal was peanut butter and jellies with 2 cookies and I couldnt believe that we finished off nearly half of the cookies from us only having two each. I guess China is good for portion control. You cant really over-indulge without getting a complex. hahaha.