Just arrived

And look who I brought back with me!


Meet my youngest sister, known around here as the “Fashionista” or “the redhead” and our close friend/adopted sister, the “Carolina China Doll”.

I’m SO excited to have someone else to share this awesome experience with and I can’t wait to show them around China and to be reminded myself of how eye opening this place is.

The last few months were great as we were home for the holidays. (A firm commitment for our family no matter where in the world we are.) We had an awesome holiday season with our friends and family.

And check out what Santa brought me…

I think it was a big ploy by LB to give me a reason to want to come back home to the US. Our contract is almost up and it will be moving time soon. I’ve had a lot of mixed feelings about this adventure coming to an end, but now I have at least one little adorable furry reason to look forward to back in South Carolina.

I realize things have been quiet around here lately but that’s about to change. Since we don’t have much longer left in China I figure I have procrastinated long enough and now it’s crunch time to finish the book.

Not to mention I’m home schooling two high school students so I don’t have an excuse for not getting this thing finished!

There will be lots of chatter to come as I post excerpts from the book as well as daily posts from my two favorite teenagers in China (under the category “The Teenage Invasion”). And from the hilarity of the first few days, it should be plenty entertaining!



One thought on “Just arrived

  1. I swell up with pride and joy when I open one of these blog editions. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. We enjoyed having you and Joe home for Christmas. I almost hate seeing you return to the U.S. since these blogs may stop. Perhaps you should continue them after you return.