Kelly’s Courtyard – A hutong hotel in Beijing

I just got back from an awesome 3 day trip with the girls to Beijing. It was a lot of fun.

We shopped.

Making a Chinese pearl necklace

And shopped.

Licking the plate

And ate.

And shopped some more.

But one of my favorite parts was the “hotel” that we stayed in. It was an experience on its own. One of the girls has been in China for several years and found this place a while back. They stay here whenever they go to Beijing and I’m really glad she introduced us!

Kelly’s Courtyard is more of a guest house, or a bed & breakfast (although not much of a breakfast) than a hotel really. It has nine rooms that each face into a central courtyard.

It’s located in one of the hutongs, which are the small traditional alleyways, of old Beijing. Walk down the “street” of a small local neighborhood, take a right, then a left and you end up in this adorable little place. It’s a great way to get a taste of how the Chinese lived before all the high-rise apartments.

hutong alley in old Beijing

The rooms are very small (it’s retrofitted into the old architecture so to be expected) but tastefully furnished. Each of the rooms is slightly different. They have seven rooms with double beds and two with two twins. Each room has a wall of windows which looks out into the courtyard, but close the curtain and there is plenty of privacy. There is a koi pond in the courtyard with a fountain which is nice to listen to.

The bathroom is really interesting. It’s also small and more like a giant shower with a toilet and sink inside it than a traditional bathroom, but turned out to be perfectly functional if not traditional.

They served a light breakfast in the morning out in the courtyard which is included in your room rate. They had yogurt, fruit, and yummy homemade bread. Also, tea and coffee, which is rare enough in a Chinese hotel, but it turned out to be better than most of the high end hotels I’ve stayed at.

There was a staircase that led up to a rooftop terrace overlooking the neighborhood and surrounded by a few trees. Amazingly quiet to be in the middle of one of the largest cities in the world. We sat up there with a bottle of wine one night and it was so nice.

Notice the tree? It’s a hundred years old. They just built around it. Totally cool.

At $65 US per night, I thought it was a great deal. It’s not too far from a subway stop and pretty close to the downtown area so you can take a taxi wherever.

If you’re in Beijing and looking for a unique, quaint, and homey place to stay, I would definitely recommend checking out Kelly’s Courtyard.


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  3. Thanks for the intro.

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    I visit Shenyang every year cause I marry a women from Shenyang. I am from SG. So maybe you can be my guide in Shenyang City and bring me to nice wine outlets…