Shenyang Knitting Group

I’ve been pretty much obsessed with knitting for several years now. I go through spurts where I get more done than other times, but I nearly always have a project in progress. It’s great for keeping your hands busy on those LONG, boring plane flights.

When I moved to Shenyang, I was excited to meet a few other ladies who enjoyed knitting and crocheting, but none who got as excited about it as me.

What’s a girl to do?

Create more knitters and instill the obsession, of course.

So that’s what I did.

I waited until it got nice and cold outside and then invited my friends over for a nice little stitch&bitch. Fortunately, two were expecting new babies (who now join us for knitting, by the way.) so they were easy to convince. Most didn’t know how to knit when we started.

But let me tell you. They learned fast and are now nearly as obsessed as I am.

And now I have friends who enjoy shopping for yarn, and talking about new stitches, cast-ons, and the difference between wool and cotton.

Mission accomplished.

If you’re interested in joining us, we meet on Thursday mornings around 9:30ish at Riverside Garden. Drop me an email for more details. We’re always looking for more people to brainwash with the joys of knitting.


3 thoughts on “Shenyang Knitting Group

    • In Shenyang, we shop at a big wholesale market called Wuai. It is a seasonal thing here though so only available from fall through Spring. They don’t knit in the Summer!
      Your lucky in Beijing has you have a couple of options. Check out the ravelry group If you search the forum or post, there are several Beijing yarnies there who can help. Good luck and fair warning, its so cheap here, you may end up with a HUGE stash (ask me how i know) And if you find a good source, let me know! I’ll want check it out next time I’m in BJ.