Most epic zoo experience

Day three in Beijing was interesting. We were still sore from walking the wall so we decided it would be a slow day. We stopped by the store on the way to the zoo to go to the ATM. Apparently the machine ate CFER’s card. Then fashionista couldn’t find her subway card. After an hour or so of searching we found fashionistas subway card in…wait for it…her jacket pocket. CFER’s card is still in the machine…

After that ordeal we headed to the zoo. Within five minutes of being at the zoo I made a new friend. An ol snub nosed monkey. We went to his enclosure and I decided to tap the glass and smile at the monkey. Fashionista, being the animal lover she is, knew not to smile at the monkeys because they take it as a sign of attack. She was trying to say “Pare don’t smile at the monkeys!”, but before she could get it out, the monkeys attacked the glass where I was standing.
My first instinct: scream. Everyone stared, as if we don’t get stared at enough.

CFER, Mother Mary, and fashionista all said it was the story of the day. I’m just thankful to still have my face.





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