The nicknames: CFER & LB

We chose to use nicknames to keep a little anonymity. Not because of our readers, but because we live in China. You know, the Great Firewall and all. Probably unnecessary precaution, but it does give us the ability to be a little more free in what we write without condemning ourselves to easily, although I do try to keep it pretty positive around here.

In the beginning, I didn’t really have a nickname. I adopted CFER (Country Fried Egg Roll) after we named the blog and it sort of became my voice you hear since I do most of the writing and talking here.

LB stands for Left Brain. I realized that if you aren’t familiar with the studies on Left-Brain vs. Right-Brain science, you may be a bit confused where this nickname came from. A friend sent me this info-graphic and I think it’s a perfect explanation of it. Obviously, all of us use both sides of our brain (hopefully) but most people tend to be dominant in thinking with one side or the other.

My husband and I are so obviously different in this respect that it’s comical. If you know us, it’s easy to see that he’s the left-brained nerdy type-a engineer and I’m the right-brained scatter-brained creative go-with-the-flow artist. If you don’t know us personally, just read through this graphic. Now you do. It explains us to a tee. (Except reverse the dog and cat lover part. That’s backwards.) I often joke I don’t have a left-brain anymore. He’s it. I guess opposites do attract.

Luckily, two halves make a whole and while it does make for some very interesting conflicts in personality and communication, in six and a half years of marriage we’ve figured out how to use our strengths to balance each other out (most of the time).

Together, we make a “whole” brain.

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2 thoughts on “The nicknames: CFER & LB

  1. Your best example is when you both were at the Greenville airport arranging your luggage for your first flight to China. You were trying to tie your luggage together and LB just knew it would not work. That was funny. Remember.

  2. I recently came across your blog and am really enjoying reading it. My husband and I relocated from upstate NY to Shanghai recently. I have really enjoyed reading your tips and hope to put the travel ones to use soon.