Earthquakes, Sweet Potatoes, and Taxi Rides

On Wednesday we experienced our first major earthquake.

I was at the table eating. CFER and Fashionista were on the computer when everything started shaking. As I look up and ask “do y’all feel that?” CFER is already in an ‘about to take off’ stance. She was getting ready to grab her jacket and run out the door.

Being on the eleventh floor we could feel the building swaying. This really scared me because CFER had already told me about Chinese construction….apparently they build fast and carelessly.

Thursday was full of sweet potatoes. There is a street vendor who sells slow roasted sweet potatoes (which are amazing), so when I finally woke up I bundled up and headed down to get me one. I ended up getting two and eating them both, one for brunch and one for a snack.

Fashionista and I were home alone most of the day, but when CFER (who also loves the sweet potatoes) got home, she walked in with a bag of TEN sweet potatoes. (CFER here: I intended to have 4. A little miscommunication with the street vendor on that one. Didn’t have the heart to make him put them back. )

Needless to say I was happy and I’m going to be having sweet potatoes for every meal. (Fun fact: their sweet potatoes here are yellow.)

Today we went out to get some last minute things for our trip to Harbin. On the way home we grabbed a taxi. We stopped at a red light and a girl was going down the road handing flyers to the drivers. When the girl gave our driver the paper, he didn’t even look at it. He threw it back out the window onto the ground.

Either I was the only one to see him do this or I was incredibly tired, because I found this hilarious. Our driver didn’t think anyone had saw him. When I started laughing, the driver gave me the eye in the rearveiw mirror and once I told everyone what I was laughing at they laughed too.



Adventures and Accomplishments

Today we were out and about in China again. We went shopping in Wuai market and we went to the “Chinese Walmart”. The market is six buildings big, we only made it to the third floor of the first building. There is so much to look at, it’s overwhelming. Fashionista and I both bought some jewelry today and I’m sure we’ll be going back to explore the other five buildings.


To get to Carrefour, or the Chinese Walmart, we took a bus. (CFER here: To clarify, China does have the real “Walmart”. Carrefour is a French supermarket that is similar and has more import goods than the “real Walmart”.) This was our first bus ride in China. We got to Carrefour, but we didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into. It was like Black Friday shopping. A mad house. I don’t plan on making another trip there anytime soon.

Today was also a bit of an accomplishment. For those of you who know me very well, you know I have an extremely small bladder. Today, however, I managed to avoid all squatty potty usage, and held it until we got home. We were all proud of me.

Today was a fun filled, accomplished, adventure in Shen Yang!


Shop til ya drop

Today we went to the Wuai Market. I got 4 pair of earrings and 2 bracelets for less than 8 dollars! It was pretty nice. I’ll say we shopped ’till we dropped… Literally. We all went to bed early tonight.


By the way, we didn’t get these ugly glasses. We just thought they were funny. Haha.

We also ate at a yummy place for lunch called Yoshinoya. Except for some kind of nasty cabbage stuf, that CFER and Carolina China Doll made me taste. It was disgusting.


We had our first bus ride experience today too!


Productive Saturday

Today fashionista, countryfriedeggroll, and I went to fashion street and did some shopping. It was extremely crowded and there were all sorts of things to buy!

This was definitely our kind of place. I left with a new sweater and wallet, and fashionista got a sweater as well. We will definitely be visiting fashion street again, there was so much I didn’t get to buy!!


On the way home we grabbed a McDonalds cheeseburger and a Starbucks coffee, which was very satisfying after a few hours of shopping.

Once we got back to the apartment, fashionista and I put on our running shorts and hit up the gym. Working out felt good. It had been awhile.

I would say we had an extremely productive day. Next time, however, I’ll get up earlier so we’ll have more time to shop!!

Happy Kitties

So apparently those creepy cat things in my last post are very popular here in China.

Today we went to MixC, a grocery store in the mall. All those happy kitties were displayed in that store for decoration. (Or to scare the crap out of you.)

We also found some yummy treats for mermaids.

Xiao Dong and a Monkey

We got out and about again today. We went to Xiao Dong to shop for school supplies. I have never seen so many notebooks in my life. This place was Staples or Office Depot times 10000000. After making our final decisions on notebooks and sketchbooks, we went upstairs to the toy floor.

After walking around for a little bit we came across this one booth (the guy in the picture). He was shouting at us, in Mandarin of course, but he was trying desperately to get our attention. Once we turned around he started playing with the monkey (also in the picture). We stood there for a second looking at him playing with it. He then proceeded to try to get us to come play with the monkey.

Either he was extremely bored, wanted to play with the white girls, or was desperately trying to sell something. Whatever his motive, the monkey wasn’t helping him. I, personally, was creeped out. Needless to say, Kensley and I walked off. Monkeyless.


A Day In China

Today was an “adventure” day, we got out and about and had our first go around of the homeschooling experience. First we got ready to go meet one of Kristin’s friends for lunch. The sushi was amazing, but the bathrooms threw me for a loop….I used my first squatty potty today. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but maybe I just have better aim than those who have told me about them. After our food settled we headed out to get a massage, which was AMAZING. I will definitely be seeing the masseuse more often. Yay for Chinese massage prices too, I payed $12 (Dad, I know you liked reading that). To top the day off we had our first chemistry lesson with Dean Joe. And although its the first day of “school”, we already have homework. On the bright side though, I’m the teacher’s pet. Sorry, Fashionista.

A New Normal

We ate at a Japanese restaurant today that was so cool. I love the way everything was decorated.



Except for the bathrooms…

Yeah, their toilets are definitely in the ground. Needless to say I waited until I got home.

Even though its a drag that we had to start school today, I love the fact that we get to do school while in our pajamas. :-)