Pop Quiz – Dunkin Donuts style

We have another fun little quiz for you today. It’s called:

“Guess the Donut Flavor” (what a title. I’m so creative.)

You know, it’s quite a popular thing right now for the businesses of the world to try to tap into the Chinese markets. McDonald‘s, KFC, and Pizza Hut have been here for a few years now. And while Mickey D’s does the best in the US market and KFC is barely hanging on, in China, it’s quite the opposite. McDonald’s does ok, don’t get me wrong, but their company policy that says you get the same big mac anywhere in the world just doesn’t fly as well over here. Their taste buds are just… different. KFC is huge here thanks to their policy of serving a menu suited to the local preferences. Pizza Hut does ok too, thanks to their interesting menu as well.

Dunkin Donuts in China

Dunkin Donuts, it seems, has taken on that same approach. And while they still serve some of the foreign favorites such as the Boston Creme, Original Glazed, and blueberry-filled powdered sugar donuts. They have also taken to serving things more suited to the Chinese taste. And while I can’t imagine who came up with these, apparently someone is buying them.

So let’s see what you’ve got.

Can you guess what flavor these donuts are?

#1: Fuzzy orange donuts. Don’t these look tasty?
Strange donuts in China

Here’s a hint…

you can not buy these in States (and I highly doubt anywhere else in the world either). Nope, as much as you want to try them, this is a Shenyang specialty, and you’ll have to come visit to get a taste.

#2: Shiny glazed eclair look-alike But what’s inside?
Shenyang donut - guess the flavor

Hint #2: They may or may not be sweet.

#3: Lime green rings A stereo-typical Chinese flavor…
Dunkin Donuts Shenyang style

So what do you think?

Post your guesses and whoever gets the most right, or close, will get a real, hold-it-in-your-hands, made of real paper postcard, sent straight to you. All the way from China. And with luck, it may get to you before we move back.
Next year.


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    • There are 4. One is at Zhong Jie (Middle Street). One is in with the RT Mart at Nanwuma Lu. One is right beside the Intercontinental Hotel next to the Mao Statue. I need to figure out how to post my Google calendar where I have all of my favorite hot spots saved…

      Oh, and they also have VIP cards there and you can get a discount. =) I am a DD junkie, what can I say?