Shenyang Cha Bu Duo 5K/10K

Last Saturday, the Shenyang LIGHT Foster Program held a fundraiser race called the Cha Bu Duo 5K/10K. It was such a fun morning and a great fundraiser for the foster children.

There were over 100 runners in the race. (That’s me with the banana, still trying to wake up.)

We had a few onlookers trying to figure out what the big group of foreigners was up to.

Friends helping friends pin on their numbers.

We started the day with a kiddie race.

It was seriously cute.

They also had face painting.

And then we ran (or in my case ran a little, then walked a lot. What can I say… not a runner. Unless something really big is chasing me. On second thought, probably not even going to run in that case. I’m more of a fight over flight kinda girl.)

But my friends did pretty awesome and didn’t walk at all! So proud of them.

Me, I kept up with my 8 year old running buddy. She did so awesome and we kept each other moving. And entertained for the whole 3 miles.

She mentioned about halfway… “Do you think they’ll have a nice cold Coke for us when we get to the end?” I laughed. It made it very hard to run.

But I guess she settled for water. I hear that’s better for you anyway.

Even Baby J finished her first 5K at a whopping 1 month old. You go, girls!

This girl did the whole 5 kilometers… and was happy to see the finish line!

Me and my girls had a blast… even though they all smoked me. It’s ok. I’ve gotten used to the fact I’m slow, and I’m ok with that.

Not sure if you noticed, but there are no photos of LB crossing the finish line.

That’s because he was one of the first to cross it. And by “one of the first”, I mean he was second. Despite the fact he hasn’t run a race in 10 years, and he “trained” for this by jogging in the park 3 times in the last two weeks.

Yep, that’s my man.

(And by the way, that’s a peace sign the guy who came in third is holding up. It’s also interesting that even though there is no podium, their heights do distinguish the finishing order.)