Shenyang Pet Market – Chongwu Shichang

A few weeks ago, a friend called asking if I knew where to buy a new puppy in Shenyang. Dog shopping is not something I’ve done in China, but I’d heard of a couple places through the grapevine. I offered to go on the hunt with her and her son. I’m always up for an adventure.

Our first stop was at a little shop on the first floor of the fish and flower market called Bei Shichang. They only had a few kittens mixed in with a handful of puppies, as they mostly sold birds and other animals. While they were adorably tempting, none struck the fancy of her son, who was to be the owner of the new puppy.

From there we were a little stuck. But her driver mentioned that he knew of one other place we could. He warned us that we’d need to be a little careful because some of the small ones could be sick and to be wary if the price was too cheap. He said to expect to pay anywhere from 500-1000 RMB.

It was a good 30 minute drive there and to be honest, I’m not even sure what part of the city it’s in. But as soon as we pulled up, I knew we were in the right place. You could hear the dogs barking from outside the gate.

It’s called Chongwu Shichang, or Chongwu Market. You have to buy a 1 yuan ticket per person to get inside and surrounding the outside were all kinds of little pet shops selling food, toys, beds, and any other pet supply you could want.

There were hundreds of dogs of all breeds. I went back and forth from feeling elated to be surrounded by dogs again (I really miss my sweet lab who couldn’t make the trip to China with us.) and feeling a little sad because the conditions of the place were less than ideal.

Even still, I really enjoyed it.

There were big dogs…

(This fellow looked like a bear!)

and teeny tiny dogs…

And even a few cats.

In the end, he finally decided on this itty bitty ball of fur that was just too adorable to pass by.

And she was quite happy to steal a ride home in his baseball cap.



5 thoughts on “Shenyang Pet Market – Chongwu Shichang

  1. Hey:there
    I like your articles,thank you for sharing all the information.
    Can i ask you guys a question? where can i get a good burger in shenyang?
    thank you!

    • My favorite is Uncle Sam’s, a little bar just across the street from the US Consulate. Strollers also has a decent burger, but Sam has awesome fresh cut fries to go with his! yum!

      • thank you for you reply.
        yes,i went to there last night with friends of mine.
        both of us had burger,fries ,and bufflo wings.yummy

      • Do not go to this bar! It is the worst in Shenyang. The bar owner, Sam, always throws out his customers before finishing their drinks and before closing time. Makes no sense to do that to his patrons! He loves picking up young girls in his bar also and go out with them while working at his bar. He does this in front of his Chinese wife such disrespect. Recently, all of his Chinese waiters and waitresses quit because he placed a young girl that he picked up as the head bartender while the other workers have been working there longer. This bar owner has no dignity! Much better bars throughout Shenyang.

  2. Hi!

    We have just recently moved to Shenyang and want to buy a house cat (actually two house cats). Do you know of anywhere that is good to get them?