Things to do in Shenyang – Hawaii Waterpark

Now that Summer has arrived and kids are out of school, it’s time to find some fun activities to keep everyone happy. Even though Shenyang isn’t exactly full of touristy sites, there are still a few fun things to do.

And now that it’s finally warm, we decided it was time to pull out the swimsuits…

Royal Ocean World is a huge family amusement park between Shenyang and Fushun. It has five parts: Ocean World is the aquarium that has both sea and fresh water exhibits. Century Forest focuses on reptiles, lizards, snakes and crocodiles. Narnian Castle is a theatre where animal shows are performed several times throughout the day (show times may vary throughout the year). Susu World is a soft play place for children.

But this time, we headed for the water park.

Hawaii Waterpark is a large indoor park with tons of ways to get wet.

An indoor beach fit for sand castles.

And waves that start on the hour.

A ropes course so you can get ready for Wipeout.

And plenty of huge slides for the big kids.

That blue and green slide ends in a funnel. I tried it.

Looked like I was being birthed… came out head first.

Royal Ocean World (皇家极地海洋世界; Huángjiājídehǎiyángshìjiè),
Wanghua District (抚顺高湾(沈吉高速抚顺西出口))

The attractions can be purchased separately or on a combined ticket and they range from ¥70-140.

Definitely give it a try if you’re looking for something fun to do. And you don’t even have to remember the sun screen!


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