Life in China: Random Thoughts

1. Found a new market a couple of days ago… very interesting.

China Meat Market

2. This is not a pet shop…

It’s dinner for some Chinese family.
This meat market sells all kinds of meat.

Literally, all kinds of meat.

These were also available. Freshness guaranteed.

Shenyang Meat Market

No, I did not purchase anything from this market. I prefer to buy my meat already “prepared.”

3. Woke up this morning to this sight outside my window…

Weather in Shenyang, China

Pretty awesome.
Except that I really wanted some McDonalds for lunch. And it is a 20 minute WALK.

4. We still don’t have our shipment of winter clothes.

5. Luckily, it was all melted by 2 pm. I guess not everything is different from South Carolina.

6. Went to see a movie this evening. I’ve never been so happy to see Denzel in all my life. I’m so glad he speaks English.

7. Today, I got to watch my sister strut her stuff in the high school beauty pageant.
In South Carolina.
Yes, I’m still in Shenyang.

8. The new iPod Touch is awesome!

Apple Facetime connection

We should be Apple’s next commercial. “Separated by the diameter of the earth, and we still don’t miss out on cheering on the little sis.”

9. Apple, are you out there? We’ll let you use our story for really cheap. A new iPhone 4 is all I ask.

10. I’m really sad this photo didn’t turn out any better, but I had to share it anyway.

Because really…

Shenyang Randomness

It’s a Basset Hound.

Peeing on a street corner.

Wearing a Santa costume!

What can I say? This is China.