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  1. Sounds like you are looking for the flower and fish shop on Nan San Ma Lu. I hope you found some nice plants there. We get out fish tank supples there and we were interviewed for the local news ther a few months ago, over Chinese New Year School break. I love buying flowers there too.
    Did you know the roads with “Ma” were the old roads that only the mules were to be on? Oh! and the Disco is Yeweiyang Disco.

  2. Hello friend.. You don’t know me but I’m just a fellow American trying to figure out how to make friends in Shenyang. Im from Los Angeles, and I moved to Shenyang to teach English, I arrived here about 3 weeks ago. I recently graduated from Grinnell College in Iowa and I actually have a few friends here, but I can count them all with one hand. I love meeting new people but its been pretty rough. I guess my question is: how and where can I meet other english speaking foreigners around here? Are there forums I can check out or particular places that they all just seem to congregate? As awesome as my (two) friends are here in Shenyang, they speak chinese pretty well and have lived here for a year and have no real urge to explore and meet new people. And the people they do know, I cant communicate with. So I want to branch out on my own as much as possible.

    Anyways, I would love for a chance to chat sometime. My skype ID is: jonathan.sistona

    Im a super down to earth guy, I love working with kids and meeting new people. So feel free to add me (prospective) new friend.

    Have a good one,

    • Hi Jonathan! Welcome to Shenyang!
      As far as the expat community goes, there are a surprising number of us but meeting one another in this huge city can be a challenge. I know there is a Shenyang community at Expatacular.com that you might check out. The consulate has recently been hosting an “Americans of Shenyang” dinner once monthly but I haven’t heard when the next one will be. (I’ll forward the email when I hear. Registering with the Consulate through their website may also put you on the list.)

      Probably the easiest way is to go where the foreigners frequent… Green Mile Pub. (This place is hoppin’ on Fri and Sat nights.) Uncle Sam’s, a little quieter but nice. O’Reillys Pub. Starbucks at MixC. to name a few. And if you see another expat anytime (you already know we’re easy to spot) don’t be shy and introduce yourself. We’ve all been where you are and know how it feels.