Would you like to know what I had for dinner?


…so would I.

This was one of the things that made it home with me on one of my first shopping trips to Carrefour. I couldn’t read any of the packaging, obviously, so I just got the one that had a cartoon chicken on it. I crossed my fingers and prayed that it was some indication of what was inside the breading. I was just hoping they don’t do mascots here like Chick-fil-A. You know, like the cute little chicken is saying “Eat More Brain” or something and I just can’t read it.

And how are you supposed to cook these?

I’m from South Carolina so you know what I did with them.
Deep fried in peanut oil.
Yum. That’ll make any kind of meat taste good. Doesn’t matter what it is.

I thought about trying to bake them (for about 2 seconds). We do have an oven in our apartment which is VERY rare in China. However, I can’t read the dials. And the temperature is in Celsius, which I still can’t convert correctly.

Just ask my family about my conversion skills. For about 3 weeks I thought we were only allowed 125 lbs in our air freight. We were told we got 275 kg. I packed all kinds of things into storage I would have brought because I thought we didn’t have space. Turns out 275 kg is actually 600 lbs.

oops. (should’ve been my middle name.)


2 thoughts on “Would you like to know what I had for dinner?

  1. Hi Kristin, long time no see! I have been reading your blogs and they really are funny! My husband was working in Sao Paulo, Brazil and I knew NO Portuguese. Ordering food is an adventure, trying to figure out what the pictures mean. My scariest adventure was when we went to a Charroso and couldn’t find a cab driver to get us back to the hotel even though we had a map. After about the 5th cab, we finally found one that knew where the Sol Melina was. I know you both are having wonderful adventures (don’t you just love to travel to different countries??) . I know being from Iva, I never expected to see places like Paris, Germany, Brazil and to live in Puerto Rico for a year. Enjoy your time there, and I’ll look forward to reading about your adventures!!